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In this issue, our theme is “scale” and, as a result, you will find a range of stories exploring the vast opportunities to revitalize millions of hectares of land; an area the size of the USA and China combined.

This summer, while spending long days and nights outside with my family, I was reminded of the value that these landscapes hold for our health and happiness.  Yet the human race has brought about such enormous damage to the natural wonders. Of course, the shocks to the soils, oceans and climate are not intentional, they came along with the tremendous progress we have realized over many decades. But now, we are becoming increasingly determined to collectively reverse these trends.
Like the challenge, the solution must be global in scale.

Increasingly, we see ambitious initiatives to revitalize land at scale: climate agreements such as this year in Marrakech, reforestation programs such as the great green walls in China and Africa, and new infrastructure programs such as UNCCD’s public-private Land Degradation Neutrality Fund. Then there are many, many local initiatives, companies, farmers, NGOs, communities and individuals, working to restore their environment one acre at a time. A great example of this are the 100,000 volunteers that participated in reforesting 3,500 hectares across Mexico during the Un Nuevo Bosque project this summer.

The pace and scale of socioeconomic development has advanced our lives while at the same time placing stress on the planet. To heal the skin of the earth, we need a healthy balance between large land revitalization programs and many smaller, local initiatives. To this end, we are all involved. As a supporter, funder, contributor or caretaker, we all own a piece of the puzzle that makes for a healthier planet. A planet that enables us all to live and thrive.

My personal goal is to be a part of a global collective that can achieve global land revitalization within our lifetime. To avoid disaster, but even more because we are all happier and healthier in a green world.

Enjoy reading! 

Jurriaan Ruys

CEO, Land Life Company