Issue 1 - Summer 2016

Want to plant a tree with a Cocoon in your backyard? The residents of California do! Land Life Company set up shop with the Cocoon in the Brentwood Farmer’s Market and several area nurseries during April and May.

On the heels of a statewide target of reducing individual home water consumption by 25%, the “water wise” movement in California is growing in relevance and popularity. Faced with the ongoing drought across the state, people are looking for the most efficient ways to keep their gardens green and healthy.

At the farmer’s market and nurseries, we shared with consumers how to use much less water while still preserving the ability to have trees in their backyards that provide important shade and scenery. We also headed to the Grand Park in downtown LA on Earth Day to join kids and their families celebrating our Earth and the efforts to protect it. This year we will be giving Cocoons and seedlings to 5 schools to plant on their grounds, helping to teach kids about sustainable restoration while they get their hands dirty! 

Water wise- women discussing.jpg
Water wise- duo photo.jpg
Water wise- discussion.jpg
This is exactly what I need to plant trees without using any follow-up irrigation in my garden!
— Shopper at Brentwood Farmer’s Market


  • California Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency around California’s drought in January 2014, aiming to better prepare the state for the consequences
  • The Department of Water Resources has lead a statewide initiative to replace 50 million square feet of lawns and ornamental turf with drought-tolerant landscapes
  • A third of California is still in “exceptional” drought which affects 34 million people