Issue 3 - Spring 2017

As the new airport for Mexico City continues to grow, so do our Cocoon trees, right across the highway in the former dust basin of Texcoco Lake. 

Planted between September 2015 and February 2016, our trees are now approaching their second rainy season and all are close to 2 meters high. The saline and alkaline soils seem to be no hindrance, and in place of a dusty lakebed, a green and prospering young forest is emerging. 
16 months after planting, we excavated a small sample of trees to assess root growth. This excavation revealed significant deeper root growth in trees planted with Cocoons than those planted with irrigation.  Of course, this is a much too small sample to draw any conclusions from on its own, but it does support our claim that the Cocoon supports healthy root systems necessary for independent growth.