Issue 3 - Spring 2017

Interview with Eduardo RendÓn


Land Life spoke with Eduardo Rendón from WWF Mexico during our visit to the Monarch Biosphere Reserve in February

LLC: Mr Rendón, why is this cluster of fir trees in a remote corner of Mexico so important?
These forests are the key to the survival of the 90% of the Monarch butterfly population of North America and we want to do everything we can to keep their habitat intact. 

LLC: What do you think of the results so far here in Michoac·n?
The combination of good quality oyamel seedlings and the Cocoon technology have given very good results. We have a 93% survival rate which is unusually high in this area under these circumstances. Weíre very happy.

LLC: What else can reforestation achieve besides a habitat for wildlife?
Reforestation is how humans can help nature to fill in the gaps. Damaged by years of wildfires, logging and floods, we now have the tools to turn these degraded slopes into healthy ecosystems. Once the trees start to grow, the healthy soils can absorb and filter water that supplies Mexico City and 11 municipalities in the State of Mexico.